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A Personalized Approach to Achieving a Healthy & Balanced Life

Coaching with Hayley Banas

Meet Hayley 

Holistic Health Coach

If you are a busy professional that struggles to prioritize your health due to the various other tasks on your plate- you are in the right place. 


As a full-time athlete and working professional, I was forced to teach myself how to get into a routine, cook healthy meals, and exercise in order to perform at my very best. I have always been passionate about health & wellness and decided to get certified as a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to teach others how to lead a healthy and balanced life. 


I create personalized plans and a roadmap for each of my clients to get them back on track with their health. With 1:1 private coaching sessions and structured lessons, my program delivers results for busy professionals that are committed to making a change. At the end of my program, each client will have a sustainable routine, increased energy, and the knowledge they need to continue making healthy choices.

What I Specialize In

Teaching fundamental tools to improve holistic health

Create & establish menu plans to increase energy 

Minimize stress & maximize self-care

Establish exercise routines that are enjoyable 

Adopt a sustainable & healthy lifestyle

"Be confident in who you are and proud of who you are becoming"

"I had huge success with Hayley’s program and lost over 20lbs in just three months after countless other failed attempts. Her approach of making gradual change over time and the constant support along the way made all the difference. I am performing better in my job, have more energy, and all-around feel much better both mentally and physically. Not only did Hayley help me lose weight, but she also left me with lasting lessons to help keep it off. Could not recommend enough!"

"Hayley helped me to become a much healthier and happier version of myself that I never knew was possible. I outperformed my weight loss goal and frequently get positive comments from my family and friends! Thank you so much Hayley!"

"I feel like a whole new person! Can't recommend this program enough if you're looking to get serious about your health and make meaningful change. Hayley has no problem holding you accountable."

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